Derik Lattig says having fun at the Lone Star Round up with the American Pinups crew. Show available for your Network

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Coming soon to a T.V. near you: "American Pinups". Description:
In Fort Worth, Texas, meet Pin-Up Models Lorelei Lee and Flossie Carmichael. Both have graced the pages of Magazines across the Country. With their retro 1950's look, and fashions to match, these two full time homemakers are becoming a hot commodity. Take a look behind the lens and follow their quest to become top pin-up Queens. 33-year-old Photographer Rene Soliz is the man behind the camera. He travels across the U.S., lining up models, locations and cars hoping to get that perfect shot which may become legendary. There's big bucks in the pin-up fashion world and it 's just an arms length away. Will these three find a little luck and strike it big?
Directed and written by Safari productions Derik Lattig. Edited by Penz Productions.
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