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Derik Lattig says this is a great article, it can also be applied with the loss of a pet. 7 Things I’ve Learned Since the Loss of My ChildOCTOBER 31, 2015 by Angela Miller Child loss is a loss like no other. One often misunderstood by many. If you love a bereaved parent or know someone who does, remember that even his or her “good” days are harder than you could ever imagine. Compassion and love, not advice, are needed. If you’d like an inside look into why the loss of a child is a grief that lasts a lifetime, here is what I’ve learned in my seven years of trekking through the unimaginable. 1). Love never dies. There will never come a day, hour, minute or second I stop loving or thinking about my son. Just as parents of living children unconditionally love their children always and forever, so do bereaved parents. I want to say and hear his name just the same as non-bereaved parents do. I want to speak about my deceased children as normally and naturally as you speak of your living one…
Derik Lattig says having fun at the Lone Star Round up with the American Pinups crew. Show available for your Network

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Coming soon to a T.V. near you: "American Pinups". Description: In Fort Worth, Texas, meet Pin-Up Models Lorelei Lee and Flossie Carmichael. Both have graced the pages of Magazines across the Country. With their retro 1950's look, and fashions to match, these two full time homemakers are becoming a hot commodity. Take a look behind the lens and follow their quest to become top pin-up Queens. 33-year-old Photographer Rene Soliz is the man behind the camera. He travels across the U.S., lining up models, locations and cars hoping to get that perfect shot which may become legendary. There's big bucks in the pin-up fashion world and it 's just an arms length away. Will these three find a little luck and strike it big? Directed and written by Safari productio…

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Derik Lattig says Russia Is Deploying The Largest Naval Force Since The Cold War For Syria: NATO Diplomat .
#deriklattig @newzproducer Info from Tyler Durden Oct 19, 2016 2:42 PM Just moments ago we reported that in the latest escalation involving Syria, the Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov was now sailing past Norway on its way to Syria, where it is expected to arrive in just under 2 weeks.  As part of the carrier naval group, Russia also deployed an escort of seven other Russian ships, which we dubbed the "most powerful Russian naval task force to sail in northern Europe since 2014" according to Russia's Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily reports. It turns out it it was even bigger, because according to a NATO diplomat cited by Reuters, Russia is "deploying all of the Northern fleet and much of the Baltic fleet in the largest surface deployment since the end of the Cold War," the diplomat said on condition of anonymity. "This is not a friendly …
El Camino for 201??

Chevy’s El Camino is that iconic half car/half truck that some younger drivers may not remember. Chevrolet ran production on the El Camino twice. The first run was in the 1959-60 model year but only lasted two years. The second run was much more successful and ran from 1964 to 1987. Now, Chevrolet has decided to bring it back, and it’s looking pretty sexy!

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Creative Man Builds a Feline Feeding Machine That Requires His Cat to Hunt for His Dinner by  at 5:32 pm on August 6, 2015 Ben Millam, a man who describes himself as an “aspiring geek” built an amazing feline feeding machinethat requires his cat Monkey to hunt for RFID-tagged white plastic balls placed strategically around the house. Whenever Monkey finds a ball, he takes it over to the machine and inserts it into a blue bowl fitted on top and food comes out of the feeder. Millam said that
It Costs U.S. National Parks almost $1 Million a Year Each to Keep Looking Natural #Deriklattig #LattigDerik @NewzproducerCourtesy Meredith Rutland Bauer

When visitors to the Grand Canyon National Park peer over the edge of the vast expanses, they often assume the ground below is completely untouched—as wild as the day 16th-century conquistadors stumbled upon the canyon. What they don’t see are the weedwackers cutting up invasive plants, the roads designed to keep visitors moving seamlessly through the park, and the rangers inspecting far-off gravel quarries for foreign seeds that could hitch a ride on the purchased construction material. Not to mention the prescribed fires, animal tagging, and constant hunt for endangered saplings. In fact, vegetation and wildlife experts spend entire careers making sure national parks look natural while unnaturally—but carefully—balancing the ecosystem’s needs and visitor safety. It takes a lot of effort to restore lands that are disturbed and make…
Cut the calories by substituting 'fake junk food' into your diet Courtsy AOL #DerikLattig #LattigDerik @newzproducer
This diet means you can eat dessert and pasta while cutting down on calories. It's part of the latest trend that is more focused on substitution than restriction. SEE ALSO: Some genius patented this epic hot dog-hamburger hybrid Some call it 'fake junk food', but really it's just substituting fruits and veggies in yummy dishes like desserts. So if you're on a diet, you can still have some chocolate pudding -- just made with avocados instead. Some researchers say this substitution trend is the best option to cut down on calories.
But that doesn't mean you can eat an entire pound of zucchini spaghetti. Everything in moderation. The water in the fruits and vegetables helps add weight to your diet, making you feel full without the excess calories. Do watch out for the real thing masquerading as a so-called 'healthy' al…