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American Pinups Minisode 2 Like Herding Cats Derik Lattig Safari Productions


Derik Lattig Safari Productions Garage Girlz Trailer


Derik Lattig brings us to Perryton couple captures video after Panhandle train crash


Derik Lattig Video - Train Crash Caught on Camera



DERIK LATTIG JOURNALIST, ENTERTAINMENT Hi, I'm Derik Lattig. Award Wining Network TV Journalist DERIK LATTIG'S BIO: Derik Lattig is an award winning journalist based in Fort Worth Texas. Derik Lattig is co-author of the top selling book ' Family Pride' which details an adventure of the famous MGM Lion back in the 1920's. Derik Lattig over the past 25 years has worked for National Television Networks and at TV Stations across New Mexico (KOB-TV) (KOAT-TV) and Texas (ABC-13 Houston) (CBS-11 Dallas). Derik Lattig has a keen sense of what makes a good story and is a great story teller even venturing into the Reality Television world with his Demos 'American Pin Up's' and 'GarageGirlz.' Derik Lattig also owns Safari Productions a full service production company and has several Reality TV shows in Development.  Derik Lattig is currently looking for Producers to take his 'Family Pride Book' to the Big Screen.  DERIK LATTIG'S

Derik Lattig Book Family Pride is on Amazon Website

Family Pride infuses history and old Hollywood glamour into an adventurousstory of man versus nature. See for yourself why this book garneredglowing reviews from CNN and the Hallmark Channel and enjoy this taleabout this legendary Hollywood icon. One Lion. One Pilot. One Great Adventure. This historical fiction novel puts you in the plane on a real life adventure to showcase thefamous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lion back in the roaring 20s. MGM studiohead, Louis B. Mayer, recruits hotshot pilot, Martin Jensen, to flytheir beloved mascot from California to New York on a cross-countrypromotional stunt. The journey starts without a hitch with Jensen, thelion, and the lion's trainer packed into the small plane but troublearises over the mountains of northern Arizona. After the plane goesdown, the two men are forced to survive in the wilderness with a junglecat while supplies are running low and they're miles from civilization.  Buy the Book on Amazon @

Dallas Police Shooting by Derik Lattig

What a night for those of us working in the media. Our hearts go out to the fallen Officers family and Law Enforcement. It was completely surreal to see people running away from the gunfire and Police running towards it with weapons drawn. One thing that struck me as a great act of kindness was there were several people of different races, working together to move a baby out of a stroller to safety. Just minutes before these people were on different sides of the issues, but when push came to shove, color didn't matter and humanity did. I think we can all learn from this. Take a step back. Take a breath. Relax and realize we are all humans on this planet working together. Lets get along.  

Derik Lattig Award winning Network TV Producer and Co Author


DERIK LATTIG - Journalist in Fort Worth, Texas

DERIK LATTIG Journalist   in  Fort Worth, Texas Watch my videos Derik Lattig is an Award Winning Network Television Producer (FOX/CBS/ABC) based in Dallas TX. Co-Author of Top Selling Book, 'Family Pride': A True Life Adventure Based On The Famous MGM Lion. Derik has won numerous AP awards for his work in TV News over the past 30 years. #DerikLattig @FamilyprideBook. You can hear Derik occassionaly on DFW area Radio. #photography #music #volunteering #gardening #surfing WORK CBS ABC FOX Networks EDUCATION Texas Tech University