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Family Pride infuses history and old Hollywood glamour into an adventurousstory of man versus nature. See for yourself why this book garneredglowing reviews from CNN and the Hallmark Channel and enjoy this taleabout this legendary Hollywood icon.

One Lion. One Pilot. One Great Adventure.

This historical fiction novel puts you in the plane on a real life adventure to showcase thefamous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lion back in the roaring 20s. MGM studiohead, Louis B. Mayer, recruits hotshot pilot, Martin Jensen, to flytheir beloved mascot from California to New York on a cross-countrypromotional stunt. The journey starts without a hitch with Jensen, thelion, and the lion's trainer packed into the small plane but troublearises over the mountains of northern Arizona. After the plane goesdown, the two men are forced to survive in the wilderness with a junglecat while supplies are running low and they're miles from civilization. 

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