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Slamdog Nation’s New Home: 1100 KFNX-AM   

Payson, AZ – Popular Internet Radio Show Slamdog Nation announced today it is returning to the airwaves, to commercial station 1100 KFNX-AM in Payson Arizona.

Slamdog Founders Patrick Schumacher and Derik Lattig says 1100 KFNX-AM provides a much better ‘fit’ for their brand of comedy and news topics.

Schumacher says He is excited to be on board with 1100 KFNX-AM.

“KFNX is a professional operation, day in day out meat and potatoes station, not an internet wannabe like where we were before.”    

Slamdog Nation severed ties with Fishbowl Radio Network this past spring due to quality control issues.

Schumacher says it was a difficult decision to leave.

“We liked the group on a personal level, but professionally they could never reach the bar we’ve set for Slamdog Nation to go worldwide.”

Lattig says three months of on-air difficulty proved in the end to be just too much ‘hassle’.

“We have a talented crew with over 90 years combined broadcast experience, and it’s difficult for that to shine through when music levels blast over our talent and interviews week after week. We want to be as professional as possible in our sound and despite weekly meetings with the Fishbowl staff and owner, problems continued.”

The move teams Slamdog Nation with a cavalcade of radio giants like Don Imus, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham and Lars Larson, all household names.

“We hope Slamdog Nation will soon become synonymous with these shows and allow our listeners a chance to  heard” said Lattig.

The Slamdog Nation thanks its faithful listeners and guests for their loyalty during its move to greener pastures.

Slamdog Nation is information and a comedy based radio show targeting adults of all ages focusing on the 18-34 year old demographic. Slamdog is the brainchild of Patrick Schumacher and Derik Lattig who both have spent their careers in radio and TV broadcasting. Co-Host Maria Luce, an award winning TV anchor/reporter brings a woman’s voice and point of view to the show.

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