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August 3 2016

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Dateline: Hollywood CA, 1928. A Hollywood ICON Missing; Nation goes into Mourning!

DALLAS, Texas - In a story made for the movies; authors Derik Lattig and Emily Regan spotlight a true life drama about a pilots adventure with the MGM lion and his trainer.

Family Pride tells the story of hot-shot pilot, Martin Jensen, and MGMs lion trainer Melvin Koontz, in the latter part of the roaring 1920s.

When MGM studio head L.B. Mayer recruits Jensen to fly Koontz and Jackie the lion across the country to promote the studio, little did the trio know that theyd soon be depending on each other to survive.

I first read about this story years ago in an old Newspaper clipping and was surprised it had never been told before in book or movie form. I knew it was one tale that had to be resurrected. Author Derik Lattig said.

Its a heart-warming tale of trust, love, adventure and suspense as the MGM lion, his trainer and the pilot become lost on the ground in the rugged Arizona wilderness after troubles in the skies above.

CNN and the Hallmark Channel have both given Family Pride positive reviews and Fort Worth Star Telegram Reporter Robert Philpot says “Family Pride will make you think differently about the MGM lion the next time you see it roar.

Were excited to share this little known story about a Hollywood icon, whose life and adventures were so much bigger than what viewers see on the silver screen. Author Emily Regan Said.

Family Pride includes a lesson plan for teachers from 3rd grade through high school who wish to use it as an education resource in the classroom.

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Derik Lattig is a Fort Worth, Texas based Network TV Producer. Derik has won numerous awards for news reports over his 27 years in the TV Business and can quickly recognize a good story. Once Derik discovered the story of Jackie the MGM Lion, he knew it was tale that had to be told and is proud to do so for the first time ever in book form.

Emily Regan is a short story writer, novelist, and author of the 2011 collection Unraveled. Emily earned her masters degree from Northern Arizona University in her home state where she currently resides with her husband, son and two dogs who sit patiently at her feet while she writes (the dogs, not her husband and son).


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