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Derik Lattig
Sept 19, 2016

Well, hear we are, halfway though the year, summer behind us, hot temps still nipping at our electric bills and Halloween kicking off the Holiday selling period right around the corner.

I used to enjoy holidays, but after 14 years of working nearly all, I dread them. Dread seeing the people put out decorations. Dread hearing plans and gatherings that I won't be able to attend due to being stuck in a windowless office in a TV station with 2 other souls.

I guess I sound like a grinch, suppose I am. Holidays aren't about the giving etc, supposedly about him Jesus Christ. Well, at least Christmas. The Thanksgiving Holiday is about Turkey and Football, which normally I eat stone cold turkey served by a cafeteria, standing in line with 5 other unfortunates who drew the short straw and have to work.

Not sure where this posting is going, but I tell you one thing, If I had known in college what I know now, I would not have ventured into the MCOM bldg. I didn't heed the warning of other MCOM grads who came to talk to us to warn us about the LOW pay, long hours and oh yeah working Holidays. 'Not me I thought.'

So I suppose if you are a young buck in college wanting to make a difference in media, seriously give it a second thought. Sure you will help people with some of your reports but in the end, this business robs you of your life and for what? You are only a commodity filling a hole. Believe me, the 'Bosses' have clawed their way to the top and don't care. They are just glad after a dozen or so years to have the holidays off.

So here we are, mid-late September, coming up on a time of year I wish I could just fast forward like one of those old VCRs.


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