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Lifted this one from Forbes, great info:

7 Things Mentally Strong Leaders Know

Mentally strong leaders inspire people to follow them. They’re humble, authentic, and empathetic. But at the same time, they’re focused, bold, and decisive.
Whether they’re leading a small company, or they’re in charge of a major organization, mentally strong leaders attract followers. And it’s not because they’re just acting tough on the surface—it’s because they possess an obvious inner strength.
Mentally strong leaders think big, act courageous, and feel confident.  Their abilities, achievements, and demeanor stem from their core beliefs. Here’s what mentally strong leaders know:

1. It’s Okay to Admit You Don’t Have All The Answers
Mentally strong leaders aren’t afraid to say, “I don’t know,” when they’re presented with questions they can’t answer. Rather than being threatened by smart people and tough questions, they like to be challenged. They’re lifelong learners who are invested in gaining more knowledge.
2. It’s Wise to Acknowledge Weaknesses
Mentally strong leaders don’t invest their energy into masking their vulnerabilities. Instead, they address their weaknesses head-on. They know when to delegate and they’re not afraid to ask for help. They strive to improve upon on their personal and organizational deficiencies.
3. There’s Always Room For Improvement
You won’t hear a mentally strong leader say, “I’m already mentally strong enough.” They recognize there is always room for improvement. They make self-improvement a top priority because they know being a leader isn’t just what they do, it’s also who they are.
4. Character Is More Important Than Reputation
Mentally strong leaders are more concerned with doing what’s right, rather than charming others into liking them. They stay focused on what really matters—their character—without worrying about what other people think. But because they are genuine people who live according to their values, their authenticity naturally attracts followers.
5. It’s Important To Pay Attention To Your Emotions
Mentally strong leaders don’t ignore or suppress their emotions. Whether they’re worried about personal issues, or they’re excited about a new opportunity, they’re acutely aware of how those emotions may affect their decisions. They focus on coping with their emotions and dealing with them in a healthy manner, rather than temporarily escaping the discomfort.
6. Mentally Strong Leaders Control Themselves, Not Others
Mentally strong leaders know they can influence others, but they can’t control them. Instead of yelling, screaming, and threatening others into compliance, they role model the exemplary behavior they wish to see. Their efforts bring out the best in other people.
7. Struggles Are Opportunities To Grow Stronger
Instead of wishing hard times didn’t happen, mentally strong leaders know that struggles are opportunities to build strength. Not only can hard times help them grow stronger as individuals, but obstacles can also help an entire organization become better. They challenge themselves to conquer each hurdle that stands between them and their goals.
Build Mental Strength
Mentally strong leaders are made, not born. Everyone has the opportunity to build mental muscle. Just like you can make choices that will help you to become physically stronger, you can perform exercises that will help you become mentally stronger.
Establish healthy daily habits and give up the things that rob you of mental strength. With commitment and dedication, you can become a mentally strong leader whose inner strength shines through.

Amy Morin is a psychotherapist, keynote speaker, and the author of the bestselling book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.


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