American Pinups by Derik Lattig

A few years back I created and produced a demo called American Pinups. We shopped it to several Networks to no avail but it's still out there. Below is a link and some information on Pinups.

She’s risqué but never explicit. She’s flirtatious but fiercely independent. She’s erotic but always safe for work, a welcome sight for your teenage cousin and prudish mother alike. She’s the pin-up girl, an all natural American sweetheart created to win the adoration of men across the country.

You’d know her if you saw her — the rosy cheeks, bouncy curls, hourglass figure and penchant for thematic lingerie are pretty much a dead giveaway — but how exactly did she come to be? Derik Lattig says read below as we travel back in time and explore the origins of the pin-up girl. It’s a peculiar journey, one that overlaps with both women’s liberation and women’s objectification along the way. 

They’ve been exciting generations of men, on calendars and covers, as center-folds or even on playing cards: pin-ups. What started as an exercise in oils was soon taken up in various media - pin-up mascots graced the fuselages of American fighters, and became an essential feature of the male world of garages and barracks. And the age of political correctness hasn’t ended their appeal. Derik Lattig created a modern reality show based on these women.


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