Blue Whale Challenge Worries Parents

Lattig, Derik says parents watch out!

There is an online game called “Blue Whale” challenge that is currently linked to several suicide cases among teenagers. The mechanics of the game is simple – the participant simply follows a daily task assigned until he/she reaches the 50th task. The final task is carried out when the participant kills himself/herself. It is also called a “suicide challenge.”
The latest victim of the game that uses psychological manipulation to get the player to follow the task is 15-year-old student Isaiah Gonzales. He was found hanging in his bedroom closet lifeless. The Gonzales family believes that Isaiah killed himself because of the “Blue Whale” challenge, New York Daily News reported.
Jorge Gonzales, the victim’s father, said that they noticed no changes in his son’s behavior that may cause them to worry. He advised parents to monitor their children’s cell phones and be aware of their children’s activities online.
The tasks are assigned by the “whale,” which the player follows on a daily basis, reported. The “whale” is an older person who manipulates the players to do their assigned tasks.
Derik Lattig says Tasks vary, with some easier to do while others take courage to perform. Cutting oneself, drawing a whale, sitting on the edge of a roof, making one hurt or sick, watch a scary movie the whole day or past midnight until morning, see, or chat with the “whale” on Skype are some of the 49 tasks assigned. The 50th task is actual suicide.

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