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The National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA) applauds the  Washington Post exposé by Kim Kavin  (April 11, 2018) detailing the corrupt practices of rescues and shelters buying dogs at auction from the same breeders they disparage as puppy mills, then transporting them cross-country where they market these same dogs as “rescues.” Sadly, these deceitful practices are hallmarks of today’s so-called “humane movement,” which at best is well-intentioned but reckless, and at worst, shows an inhumane and potentially lethal combination of misanthropy and greed. The push by BIG HUMANE (large, wealthy animal rights groups and shelters), to promote rescue dogs as the humane alternative to pet stores and other sources of dogs is a strategic and cynical campaign to eliminate marketplace competitors. While the majority of pet stores are regulated by local and state law, rescues and shelters operate largely without regulation or government oversight. If the dishonesty, hypocrisy and the inheren


Movement and sales of dogs through “rescue channels” continues to explode.  While more and more cities and states are restricting sales of dogs/cats in pet stores to those obtained from animal shelters and rescue groups, the actual source of these dogs remains obscure.  Yet, there is mounting evidence that movement through “rescue channels” includes individuals or organizations involved merely for the profit, hence the name “Retail Rescue.”   The dogs and cats may be coming from the very same unscrupulous dog breeders and rescues these laws are intended to put out of business. Not many states track the importation of dogs/cats for adoption into their states, but those that do, shed some light on the enormity of this issue. In 2012 7,450 rescue dogs were imported into New Hampshire 15,000 dogs were imported into Connecticut through “rescue channels” 90,000 dogs were received in Colorado 130,000 dogs were received in Virginia The numbers from New Hampshire and Connecticut


GILLIGAN'S ISLAND "Ghost a GO GO" By Ronald Maclane March 24, 1966 TEASER FADE IN EXT - SKIPPER AND GILLIGAN'S HUT - NIGHT - CREDITS OVERLAY SLOW ZOOM IN ON HUT - MEDIUM SHOT FADE TO: INT - SKIPPER AND GILLIGAN'S HUT - NIGHT The skipper is in the lower hammock sleeping while Gilligan is in the upper. Out of nowhere comes an eerie ghostly wail, which wakes up Gilligan. The skipper is unaffected and is seen yawning. GILLIGAN Skipper? Is that you? Gilligan looks over the side of the hammock and down at the skipper. The skipper is fast asleep. Gilligan tries to go back to sleep. Once again the ghostly wail penetrates the silence of the jungle night. This time prompting Gilligan into action. GILLIGAN No, it wasn't you skipper. Gilligan gets out of his hammock to s

Hurricane Flo and Drones

HURRICANE FLO AND DRONES As powerful Hurricane Florence churns towards the U.S. Coast station promo folk are already hard at work.   Capitol Broadcasting tweeted Tuesday that  WRAL (NBC)  crews were  “equipped with drones and ready to tell the story of Hurricane Florence. ” While drones have been used over the last few years to track recovery efforts following major storms, independent drone operators often get in the way of the big boys directing rescues or operators themselves become part of the problem by ending up in a shelter once their food and gasoline run out. The State of North Carolina appears to be ahead of the curve in it’s effort to mount a coordinated drone response. The North Carolina Department of Public Safety had previously created the North Carolina Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Disaster Response Database ( )  to provide local emergency managers and first responders with a list of qualified remote pilots who are willing to provide

A review of tonight’s Better Call Saul Season 4, episode 2 ala #Rollingstone #BetterCallSaulDerikLattig

A review of tonight’s  Better Call Saul   coming up just as soon as I choose  White Heat  without interruption over  Jaws 3-D  with commercials… “And when is it over for you?” -Mr. Varga Late in this week’s episode (“Breathe”),  Jimmy  calls  Mike  to arrange some kind of caper involving the expensive Hummel figurines he saw in Mr. Neff’s office during his job interview. This is a callback both to his eldercare work in Season One’s “Alpine Shepherd Boy” and to the idea of Jimmy and Mike as occasional partners, before  Better Call Saul  had so clearly become two largely separate shows operating under the same title. As Mike gets deeper into the cartel world, while the writers do everything they can to slow-play our beloved Jimmy’s transformation into the utterly amoral Saul Goodman, the two halves feel further apart than ever. Some fans love both equally, http://deriklattig.brandyours

Derik Lattig - Help Bring 'American Pinups' to a TV Network!

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