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A review of tonight’s Better Call Saul Season 4, episode 2 ala #Rollingstone #BetterCallSaulDerikLattig

A review of tonight’s  Better Call Saul   coming up just as soon as I choose  White Heat  without interruption over  Jaws 3-D  with commercials… “And when is it over for you?” -Mr. Varga Late in this week’s episode (“Breathe”),  Jimmy  calls  Mike  to arrange some kind of caper involving the expensive Hummel figurines he saw in Mr. Neff’s office during his job interview. This is a callback both to his eldercare work in Season One’s “Alpine Shepherd Boy” and to the idea of Jimmy and Mike as occasional partners, before  Better Call Saul  had so clearly become two largely separate shows operating under the same title. As Mike gets deeper into the cartel world, while the writers do everything they can to slow-play our beloved Jimmy’s transformation into the utterly amoral Saul Goodman, the two halves feel further apart than ever. Some fans love both equally, http://deriklattig.brandyours