Rosary for EC Lattig

I have a lot more to say about my Dad tomorrow during the funeral.

That's the TV guy in me coming out, teasing for the next big story.

His life was a big story.

He accomplished a lot during his 85 years.

A successful career in the US Navy, a businessman and of course a husband and father.

It was not really until a few years ago when I was talking to him about certain international events going on after Iran boarded a US Navy ship that I realized how exactly tough he was.

You see, I never saw this side of him. He was a loving, kind and generous man to everyone he met, however he quickly snapped to attention saying the Commander of the US craft was in big trouble for not going down with the ship.

He said that's all part of it, you never surrender.

And for my Dad Ed, he never surrendered despite storms on the horizon, whether it be financial or otherwise, his message was never give up.,

This has been a tough year for my small family with the passing of my Mother and I would talk to him over this past summer about the difficulties I encountered daily from the loss of my Mom to constant rejection in my job search.

His message after patiently listening to me whine for 20 minutes and carry on was always the same, "Derik, don't give up."

What a message to live by.

My Dad faced countless adversities in his life but his message of "Don't give up" was repeated throughout his years.

You see, my Dad was a faithful Catholic and believed God would provide an answer to all of life's mysteries. While he didn't quote scripture daily, you could carry on a conversation with him about biblical readings and he knew them all, chiming in on his thoughts about the interpretation.

During my first confession in 7th grade, he pushed me towards the confessional and as I tried to squirm away he said "Derik, you have to do what you have to do, you can't hide from God."

I can tell you, he never gave up in his later years. He didn't buy what the Doctors had to say about my mother for weeks before she passed in April, whispering in her ear not to give up and like me, she heeded his advice and until her frail body would no longer allow her to carry on.
When times were really tough back in the day he would urge prayer....

and after a calamity avoided he'd tell me, "See it works, God is with you."

He trusted in God up into the final seconds of his life and when he was entering into Heaven, he  validated our beliefs about the great beyond,

Tuesday, after giving me a final kiss on the cheek, not once but twice,  I whispered to him how happy he must be to see Jesus, my mom and departed loved ones, and he nodded... about being at the gate before slipping into an eternal sleep.   

So, as we celebrate Ed's life and his transformation from human to spirit into the Kingdom of God we need to remember the message which resonated throughout his life for 85 years.

Don't give up.

Anchors away Commander Lattig, you will be missed.



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