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A Tale Of Two Restaurants: Enchiladas Ole' vs. The Original Mexican Eats Cafe

Just sit right back and let me tell you the tale of two #FortWorthTexas Restaurants.  One, which is the new kid on the block and another, which is indeed the oldest but also performs like a stodgy old blowhard hoping the past will reap benefits for its future. First,  meet Enchiladas Ole (2418 Forest Park Avenue), a medium-sized Mexican food restaurant serving all of your favorites just down the street from Texas Christian University.  Owner Mary Patino Perez opened the doors here at this location in 2019. No stranger to traditional Mexican food, Perez has a mantra: " The way I remember making enchiladas with my Mother"  Perez started out back in 2013 selling complicated, craft enchilada sauces, and customers asked her to open a restaurant. READ ABOUT THE MOVE HERE Enchiladas Ole has been voted one of the 10 best Tex-Mex restaurants in Texas in a USA Today poll and also voted to a 10 best queso list. With its outdoor patio and spacious seating, you'

Original Mexican Eats (Fort Worth Texas) what a Disappointment!!

Short and sweet. Whoa! Original Mexican Eats!  ✋ Been going here for over 20 years, spending an average of 40 dollars on a Sunday. Walked in today to find the table we normally sit at was reserved by a River Crest Country Club member. In an attempt to get along we found a small table and crowded around it. That is problem number 1. No one ever told us the tables could be reserved a week ahead of time.  Problem number two is Cindy, the waitress says she "inherited our table" and has "no idea" what anyone had but the bill was $180 and she  charged 18% gratuity even though 2 out of the 6 people sitting there were on a separate ticket. I threw down $70 which was way more than I had and left and on the way out I spoke to the manager Tammy Holt who basically said sorry that's the way it goes.  So, my message to you is if you go here, in a group ask for separate tickets otherwise they will slam you with a monster bill. This is ridiculous, we have supported the