Original Mexican Eats (Fort Worth Texas) what a Disappointment!!

Short and sweet.

Whoa! Original Mexican Eats! ✋

Been going here for over 20 years, spending an average of 40 dollars on a Sunday. Walked in today to find the table we normally sit at was reserved by a River Crest Country Club member. In an attempt to get along we found a small table and crowded around it. That is problem number 1. No one ever told us the tables could be reserved a week ahead of time. 

Problem number two is Cindy, the waitress says she "inherited our table" and has "no idea" what anyone had but the bill was $180 and she charged 18% gratuity even though 2 out of the 6 people sitting there were on a separate ticket. I threw down $70 which was way more than I had and left and on the way out I spoke to the manager Tammy Holt who basically said sorry that's the way it goes. 

So, my message to you is if you go here, in a group ask for separate tickets otherwise they will slam you with a monster bill. This is ridiculous, we have supported them through thick and thin and COVID-19 and this is what we get. 

It just goes to show, that no matter the smiles and hugs, all these people are in for is the money. Good luck, I will never set foot in your place again. 

Here is a picture of them back in their glory days. Too bad the service and honor are not the same.  

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