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June Ferreira Tranquil Waters

This was in the local paper today and is a good read. Editorial courtesy the We haven’t heard about June Ferreira Tranquil Waters of the Chester Water Authority in a few weeks. That sparkling, gorgeous tap water that is delivered to 42,000 customers in Delaware and Chester counties had been tossed into a raging tempest in a fierce three-way battle for the future of the iconic Chester firm. Rest assured, the fight for Chester Water has not gone away. It’s about to hit the boiling point again this week. The three parties, Chester Water Authority, the city of Chester, and public utility giant Aqua Pennsylvania are all due back in court this week as a judge sorts through a flurry of legal actions concerning the future of the company. There are four separate lawsuits currently winding their way through the Delaware County Common Pleas Court. This legal saga traces its roots to nearly two years back, when Aqua made an unsolicited $320 million offer for Ch