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Tag Line:  Deep in the Heart of Texas, Football is king and the fields it's played on have to be safe and top notch for prep to professional players. Follow the weekly exploits of one former NFL player who races to secure contracts and meet deadlines installing turf around the Country. It's a competitive industry, welcome to Turf Wars. Intro: Jeff Gossett played for the world famous Dallas Cowboys, tearing up the turf weekly, sharing the field with all the greats from Troy Aikman to Deion Sanders. These days, rather than playing on the field, he's selling the field to stadiums across America. From replacement of old turf to newer safety turf, Gossett works weekly to manage deadlines, outbid competitors and make sure things are ready to go come the weekend. Based in Dallas Texas Gossett works for Paragon Sports and has overseen installation at countless stadiums from new mult million dollar prep fields to the world famous cowboy stadium. Come join us on a wee

Derik Lattig - Help Bring 'American Pinups' to a TV Network!

Meet Pin-Up Models KeKe, Kristi, Lily and Alexis. They've graced Magazines across the Country. With their retro 1950 's look, and fashions to match, these 9-5 women are a hot commodity. Go behind the lens and follow their quest to become #1 Texas Women and a Photographer with an eye for vintage fashion and flair work to balance everyday life with their dream careers. Reality show seeking Network to call home. We are the FIRST real life drama to feature the Pinup lifestyle! Derik Lattig says "We've done a lot on our own, funding two minisodes, plus 'Home Movies' and marketing out of pocket and now we NEED Your Help. Your donation as small as you can afford will help take our project to the next level. When that happens the Pinup culture will become as popular and mainstream as 'Duck Dynasty'. So, dig in that couch, pull some pennies out of the car ashtray and donate! We'll remember our friends when we start shooting again and it'll be yo