Tag Line:  Deep in the Heart of Texas, Football is king and the fields it's played on have to be safe and top notch for prep to professional players. Follow the weekly exploits of one former NFL player who races to secure contracts and meet deadlines installing turf around the Country. It's a competitive industry, welcome to Turf Wars. Intro: Jeff Gossett played for the world famous Dallas Cowboys, tearing up the turf weekly, sharing the field with all the greats from Troy Aikman to Deion Sanders. These days, rather than playing on the field, he's selling the field to stadiums across America. From replacement of old turf to newer safety turf, Gossett works weekly to manage deadlines, outbid competitors and make sure things are ready to go come the weekend. Based in Dallas Texas Gossett works for Paragon Sports and has overseen installation at countless stadiums from new mult million dollar prep fields to the world famous cowboy stadium. Come join us on a wee
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Rosary for EC Lattig

I have a lot more to say about my Dad tomorrow during the funeral. That's the TV guy in me coming out, teasing for the next big story. His life was a big story. He accomplished a lot during his 85 years. A successful career in the US Navy, a businessman and of course a husband and father. It was not really until a few years ago when I was talking to him about certain international events going on after Iran boarded a US Navy ship that I realized how exactly tough he was. You see, I never saw this side of him. He was a loving, kind and generous man to everyone he met, however he quickly snapped to attention saying the Commander of the US craft was in big trouble for not going down with the ship. He said that's all part of it, you never surrender. And for my Dad Ed, he never surrendered despite storms on the horizon, whether it be financial or otherwise, his message was never give up., This has been a tough year for my small family with the passing of my Mothe

ED Lattig 1934-2019 RIP

Edward Charles Lattig 1934-2019 RIP For a man who left the world this week with every earthly possession one could hope to own, you may think he had lived a charmed life and is one of those who just stepped into wealth and love passed down from his family. The story of Edward Charles Lattig is anything but that. I will tell you about the journey of a man who came from having literally nothing, nearly on the streets of New Jersey to later in life walking the halls of the United States Pentagon. You see "Ed" or "Eddy" as he was called by friends and family was born in February of 1934, to Charles and Maria Lattig in Newark New Jersey, He was the youngest of the family with an older brother in his 20's and two sisters in their teens. Eddy's mother Maria came to America when she was only 16, scared and alone she made her way through Ellis Island where a cruel immigration official, wrote "Tamale" on her entry papers instead of her maiden name

June-Ferreira-NONSENSE- WPRI-TV-seekonk-scamming-psychic-with-long-history-of-failed-business-ventures-closes-doors-on-her-spa-refuses-to-honor-thousands-in-gift-cards-and-people-are-pissed/

GILLIGAN'S ISLAND Two on a Raft WPRI-TV By Lawrence J. Cohen, June Ferreira WJAR-TV And Fred Freeman the Massachusetts Medium September 26, 1964 TEASER FADE IN STOCK SHOT OF OCEAN/BEACH – CREDITS OVERLAYED Tranquil Waters Spa owner  June Ferreira PAN UP TO: EXT – BEACH – MORNING – WIDE SHOT We see a weather beaten pleasure boat aground on the beach. FADE TO: CLOSE UP OF PLEASURE CRAFT WITH LARGE JAGGED HOLES IN THE HULL. CUT TO: CLOSE UP - SKIPPER The skipper is sitting up with a confused expression turtle boy on his face. CUT TO: EXTERNAL CABIN AREA OF BOAT He gets up and does a quick look around. There are several other people seen asleep in the stern as he jumps off the boat and onto the beach. affiliate WJAR CUT TO: EXT – BEACH – MORNING – MEDIUM SHOT June  Mundy- Ferreira , who owned the spa As he is at the stern of the boat he raps on the foot of his first mate Gilligan who is still a


Remember what your parents told you as a child? “Don’t sit so close to the Television, you’ll go blind.” While that may not necessarily be true researchers have found that blue light near you can affect your sleep and potentially cause disease. WHAT IS BLUE LIGHT? Not all colors of light were created equal or have the same effect. Blue wavelengths are  beneficial  during daylight hours because they boost attention, reaction times, and mood—seem to be the most  disruptive  at night. And the expanse of electronics with screens, as well as energy-efficient lighting, is increasing our exposure to blue wavelengths, especially after sundown. Until the advent of artificial lighting, the sun was the major source of lighting, and people spent their evenings in (relative) darkness. Now, in much of the world, evenings are illuminated, and we take our easy access to all those lumens pretty much for granted. I'M NOT SLEEPY Everyone has slightly different circadian rhythms. The

June Ferreira Tranquil Waters

This was in the local paper today and is a good read. Editorial courtesy the We haven’t heard about June Ferreira Tranquil Waters of the Chester Water Authority in a few weeks. That sparkling, gorgeous tap water that is delivered to 42,000 customers in Delaware and Chester counties had been tossed into a raging tempest in a fierce three-way battle for the future of the iconic Chester firm. Rest assured, the fight for Chester Water has not gone away. It’s about to hit the boiling point again this week. The three parties, Chester Water Authority, the city of Chester, and public utility giant Aqua Pennsylvania are all due back in court this week as a judge sorts through a flurry of legal actions concerning the future of the company. There are four separate lawsuits currently winding their way through the Delaware County Common Pleas Court. This legal saga traces its roots to nearly two years back, when Aqua made an unsolicited $320 million offer for Ch